Our strategy on quality, environment and occupational safety

We want to develop and deliver high-quality services in the context of protecting employees’ health and the environment. On the first place is satisfying customer requirements and improving the effectiveness of the integrated management system.

Our strategy is communicated internally to all employees of the company and outside to the stakeholders (certification body, customers, local authorities, etc.); is available to the public by displaying it in visible places at the entrance to the company’s headquarters as well as upon request.


The strategy adopted is periodically evaluated by the management of the company to ensure that it is appropriate and effective or requires changes through:

  • modification of applicable laws / regulations and other applicable requirements;
  • changing expectations and requirements of customers or other stakeholders;
  • changes to the products and activities of the company;
  • the results of environmental incidents analysis, security of internal audits, records, etc.
Csaba Veres