Strategy & Eficiency

High quality services

Experience in the field, impeccable services

Maximum responsibility

Innovative solutions,
quality services, qualified staff.

The company has qualified personnel, authorized to carry out such works, executed with maximum responsibility, following the quality of the services and the hygiene norms, for the sanitary-human prophylaxis.

  • Disinfection
  • Pest control
  • Derating
  • Phytosanitary treatments
With great experience in the field,
our company performs impeccable services of pest control, disinsection and disinfection, rodent and insect control
Top quality substances

Devices of import,
planes with normal installation.

In our operations, which can be carried out in public domains, parks, green areas, hospitals, schools, hotels, farms, greenhouses, factories, etc. we use:

  • import substances of the highest quality with a broad spectrum of action and yield;
  • imported equipment from Germany for spraying and aerosol application of substances;
  • planes with normal and controlled drip for dispersion of substances.
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Trust our services

Work Guarantee

Any complaints about the quality of the works performed within the 3-month warranty period will be resolved promptly, and the full cost of the remedies will be borne by our company.